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Mr. Chill® is private label custom blended syrup for Frozen Carbonated Beverage (FCB) Dispensers. Our premiere FCB Syrups have been taste tested by the most discriminating customers and have received consistently high praise for their great flavor and consistency.

You might ask "Are all syrups the same?" No, all syrups are not the same. There is a distinct difference in syrups - taste, consistency, shelf life, and price are important considerations when selecting syrup for your store.

Many of our competitors use less expensive ingredients that leave the consumer with an unpleasant after taste. At Mr. Chill® we use premium ingredients to bring you consistently great flavor.

Our full line of FCB syrups are priced very competitively so you don't have to sacrifice great flavor to stay on budget. We offer a variety of great flavors at a price you can afford.

he shelf life for Mr. Chill® is twelve months. This is four times (4X's) the shelf life that the famous "name brand competition" offers. Why settle for a 90 day shelf life when you can order a great tasting syrup for less money with a longer shelf life.

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